Garage #1

Today music is talked about, listened to, purchased and forgotten almost instantaneously online. In the mid 1980s a lot of music was still relatively scarce being only available as hard to find and expensive to transport vinyl records.  News about music was also slow to get about nationally and internationally and rather restricted to mainstream newspapers and magazines.

Punk introduced the idea of the fanzine and Richard Langston flew with that idea later in 1985 with his Dunedin based fanzine Garage. It worked because it was the product of passionate fans wanting to spread the word and it succeeded because it reported on a genuine scene that was producing fantastic music that people around the world wanted to know more about.

We are happy to reproduce the first issue of Garage online with the five remaining issues coming each month after. While, it used to cost just $1, these ones are free.


By the way, if you are using Adobe for PDFs you will need Adobe Reader 8 or newer.



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