Garage Issue #3

Look at what we have here. Issue 3 of the Garage zine. It’s a goodie too and we also have another fine podcast compiled by editor Richard Langston (see below).


The 3rd issue sees Garage comes of age and settle down to a standard format. Although pricing is shown on the cover to be a contentious issue with $1.50 crossed out and replaced with $1.00. Really it’s bargain at either price. The cover features a stylized record with some relevant band names on the label and generally projects self confidence with legends such as “Inside: Fab Pop for Now People”, “Maximum Joy” and the catchy Clean line “It’s OK, It’s Alright, Oh Yeah”.

Garage had matured like the scene that it wrote about. The scene that was initially inspired by The Enemy and then galvanised into guitar action by The Clean and then became strong enough to survive the breakup of that band at the height of their success in 1982. Garage worked (and is still great reading) because something was going on in Dunedin. There were a number interesting, talented people making world-class music and who had something to say.

So in Garage 3 we have Look Blue Go Purple talking about their Bewitched EP and the origin of their name. The Chills chat about success, pressure and going to England. A Shayne P. Carter profile tells us that he has green eyes, was born in (shock horror) Christchurch and that he has good taste in music. Bill Direen talks about all sorts of things around the Builders Conch3 album. There is a fascinating piece about the Rip with some comments by Alastair Galbraith and Bruce Russell reviews Christchurch’s Scorched Earth Policy “Dust To Dust” EP.

But the highlight of Garage 3 is The Clean interview. Read this and get a real sense what it was like starting up a band in New Zealand in the late 1970s and get a feel for the collective Clean dynamic. How they viewed their defining environment and how they saw things when they were the biggest band in New Zealand for a short period in 1981 and 1982.  I especially recommend reading their comments about the classic recordings that they made during this time.

I can’t wait for Garage 4. I wonder what the cover price will be?

- Roger Shepherd.



Audio MP3

1. The Clean
- Getting Older (D.Kilgour, H. Kilgour, R.Scott, 1982)
2. The BildersThe Alligator Song (B.Direen, 1985)
3. The GordonsMachine Song (A.Parker, J.Halvorsen, B.McLachlan 1980)
4. DoublehappysNeedles and Plastic (S. Carter, 1985)
5. Scorched Earth Policy - Too Far Gone (M. Elbarado, P. Stapleton, M. Heney, B. Crook, A. Cocks, A.Dawson, 1984)
6. Victor Dimisch BandNative Waiter (P.Stapleton, S.Cogle, A. Meek, T.O’Grady, M.Heny, 1983)
7. The Verlaines  - You Say You (G. Downes, 1984)
8. The BatsOffside (R.Scott, P. Kean, K.Woodward, M.Grant, 1985)
9. The Pin GroupAmbivalence (R.Montgomery, P. Stapleton, R.Humpries, 1981)
10. The CleanFish (D.Kilgour, H. Kilgour, R.Scott, 1982)

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