Garage Issue 6

As the year comes to an end, so does our Garage zine re-issue series. Issue 6 was the last one to be published (before editor Richard Langston went on to proper journalism) and features a great photo of The Clean on the front cover as well as pieces on Straitjacket FitsThe Chills, Fetus Productions, The Bats and many more. Plus we also have another podcast compiled to accompany the digital version of the zine.

Thanks to Richard Langston for making the re-issues possible and Bruce Russell for his apt skills on the scanner, along with all the bands and musicians featured both in the zine and the podcasts.


I didn’t think it would be the last one, but, as it happened, it was a nice even number to finish on. That’s my favourite cover – a great shot of The Clean in their early days on a merry-go-round –  innocent, fresh, and cool- and forever frozen in flight. The photographer was Craig McNab. We printed twelve hundred, our largest run, and sold the lot. We’d started out as a fairly spotty urchin but over two or three years had developed into a reasonably useful citizen – we documented and informed. Some of our overseas readers loved us. Our best review appeared at this time – a New Yorker wrote in his magazine ‘Too Fun, Too Huge’ – ‘Not malicious or in-jokey like American magazines, just totally into the music with no affectation or bullshit. I can’t stop reading these.’

A part of me wishes we’d never stopped writing them.

- Richard Langston


Audio MP3


1. Snapper‘Buddy’ (P. Gutteridge, A. Haig, C. Voice, D. Stones, 1988).
2. The Terminals – ‘Batwing’ (P. Stapleton, R. Humphries, S. Heney, M. Elborado, 1988).
3. The Bats‘Block of Wood’ (R.Scott, P.Kean, K.Woodward, M.Grant, 1987).
4. Jean-Paul Sartre Experience‘I Like Rain’ (D. Mulchay, D. Yetton, J. Laing, G. Sullivan, 1986).
5. Straitjacket Fits‘All That Brings’ (S. Carter, D. Woods, J. Collie, A. Brough, 1987).
6. Tall Dwarfs‘Phil’s Disease (Day One)’ (C. Knox & A.Bathgate, 1984).
7. The Clean‘Caveman’ (D. Kilgour, H. Kilgour, R. Scott, 1986).
8. Look Blue Go Purple‘Cactus Cat’ (L. Paris, D. Roughan, K. Bull, N. O’Malley, 1986).
9. Jean-Paul Sartre Experience‘Firetime’ (D. Mulchay, D. Yetton, J. Laing, G. Sullivan, 1986).
10. The Clean‘Whatever I Do It’s Right’ (D. Kilgour, H. Kilgour, R. Scott, 1982).

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